Saltwash powder is an easy to use base coat formula to give a layered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint! It is an organic powder additive made with all natural Sea Salt! Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or surface to achieve an authentic time worn look, as if weathered from years on the coast or barn, in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look. Saltwash® powder is ideal for both interior and exterior surface because it is always your base coat. It adheres to any surface from wood, laminate, glass, fabric, plastic and a variety of other surfaces. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and contains no VOCs.


Saltwash® was invented in 2010 by sun kissed newly-weds Jaime and Carol Hunter, in their small workshop, on the coast of North Carolina. With the inspiration of the sea at their doorstep, Saltwash was born to recreate the authentic time worn painted look, which is commonly found on the seaside cottage porches and furniture typically found along their coastal community. Working for years with old wood and painted furniture, they were motivated to get away from searching out antiques and primitive pieces, whose paint often contained lead and were overpriced, and set forth to create a formula to truly replicate this look on their own. Their main goal was to have a product which gave an authentic layered sun and salt air kissed look, while also being quick and easy to use.

Saltwash® was first introduced to the public in April of 2015 and first shipments started in July 2015. Since then it has had great response from retailers and DIYers around the world! In a little over a year, Saltwash®, LLC grew fast and in high demand by retailers not only in the US, but throughout Europe and Australia as well. Although a new and quickly growing company, they are grounded by time-tested ideals. They strive to offer quality products, fast and friendly customer service along with never ending ideas and possibilities in what you can do with Saltwash®!

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  • Our large Saltwash® powder can contains 1.2 kg (42 oz.) of Saltwash® powder. A 0.60 gr (2 oz.) scoop is included in each can. When mixed with paint of choice, the large can will cover approximately 7 m2 (65 to 75 sq ft) of surface.

  • Our mid-sized Saltwash® powder can contains 283 gr (10 oz.) of Saltwash® powder. Scoop 15 gr (5 oz.) is included. When mixed with paint of choice, the medium can will cover approximately  2 m2 (15-20 sq ft) of surface.

  • Our smallest Saltwash® powder Splash!™ can contains 115 gr (4 oz.) of Saltwash® powder. When mixed with paint of choice, the Splash! can will cover approximately 0,50 m2 (3 to 5 sq ft) of surface. Great for workshops. Each Splash!™ can includes a free 500 ml (16 oz.) Saltwash® Mixing Cup.

  • Our Saltwash® mixing cups will help take the guess work out of your next Saltwash® project. This 950 ml (32 oz.) mixing cup is perfect for mixing your Saltwash® powder to your favorite paint and clearly shows the measurement in ounces and milliliters, along with a custom Saltwash® Ratio Chart to show approximate ratios of Saltwash® to paints. Great for...

  • Saltwash custom stir sticks help mix Saltwash to the perfect 'icing-like' consistency.  Mix sticks provide a nice compliment to your store display and are a great advertising aid during markets, demonstrations and workshops.  Custom stir sticks are made of 100% birch wood to ensure strength and durability in your stirs. Saltwash Stir Sticks sold as a...

  • Everyone loves a seahorse, and your Saltwash® workshop is sure to sell out when you offer this cool wall decor item for participants to Saltwash. Each wooden seahorse is crafted out of pine wood and is 61 cm (24")  tall, with claw wall hook attached. 

  • Each individual garland includes five 15,25 cm (6") high wooden stars crafted out of pine wood with a 1,65 m (42") jute string for easy assembly.  

  • Each individual garland includes five 15,25 cm (6") high wooden fish crafted out of pine wood with a 1,65 m (42") jute string for easy assembly.  

  • Meant to give to customers with their purchase. Pack of 25.

  • Meant to give to customers with their purchase. Pack of 25.

  • Retail Display Kit includes a set of "with" and "without" display boards, 24 Saltwash mixing sticks, 50 "FAQ's" brochures, 50 "How To" brochures, 1 thumb drive with Saltwash videos.

  • Faux effect ideas; verdigris, rust, concrete, sea glass, faux leather on fabric etc. All these looks are shown by just using Saltwash and paint to create the looks and all in an afternoon. See how to create an aged copper Verdigris look on plastic or new metal, as well as how to create a rusty industrial look on wood and many more faux effects and...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items